Laser Tube Cutting for Metal Furniture and Office Supplies

The application of fiber laser cutting machine is very extensive. Apart from applications in sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, hardware cabinets, mechanical equipment, elevator processing and other industries, it is now also applied to the furniture industry. Its super cutting and hollowing process integration the original sluggish cold metal material lit a new starting point for modern metal furniture design!

steel furniture

Laser cutting technology has completely penetrated into modern furniture decoration. The traditional metal processing technology requires complex processes such as cutting, punching, bending, and deburring, and it takes a lot of time and cost to produce the mold alone, and the production cycle is long. The fiber laser cutting machine can directly bend and use the material after processing, directly eliminating the need for deburring and other processes, realizing on-site graphics, on-site cutting, and short production cycle. What’s more important is that the laser processing has higher efficiency, better quality and easier operation.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has outstanding advantages such as high precision and high speed. The cutting edge is smooth without burrs, automatic layout of raw materials, no molds consumption, at the same cost, the same yield, the laser cutting machine can complete more processing of furniture products. At the same time of ensuring the processing precision, it realizes the diversification and multi-functionalization of furniture products, and better meets the diversified and personalized needs of people for home furnishings, and provides the greatest production efficiency and cost reduction.

tube laser cutting for furniture

Most of the modern furniture products require the processing of metal pipes, and the professional laser cutting machine from GOLDENLASER can realize high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on various types of shaped pipes such as round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, and waist tubes. Cutting section is clean and smooth, without burr.

Then, for the metal furniture industry, goldenlaser strongly recommends the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine P2060A

The P2060A Tube Laser Cutting Machine overall upgrading:

- Automatic feeding

- System upgrade

- Improvement of the chuck

- Welding seam recognition

- Slag Removal

Typical Customers

One of the Korean customers who produce metal furniture in Xiamen, China, introduced 5 fiber laser cutting machines from our company at one time. There are 4 sets fully automatic fiber laser tube cutting machines and 1 set dual sheet & tube integrated laser cutting machine.

For the mass production of the furniture tubes, these 4 sets laser tube cutting machines have to work at the same time. And the operation of the machine is so easy that only one person can operate two sets machine, which greatly save labor and save time, thus achieving high effectively production.