Fashion & clothing – Machines for laser cutting, engraving, perforating

Accompanied by increasing popularity of textiles, the fashion and clothing industry has evolved significantly. Textiles are becoming more suitable for industrial processes like cutting and engraving. Synthetic as well as natural materials are now often cut and engraved with laser systems. From knitted fabrics, mesh works, elastic fabrics, sew fabrics to nonwovens and felts, almost all types of fabrics can be laser processed.

What are the benefits of processing garments with laser?

Clean and perfect cutting edges

The laser beam melts the fabrics and textiles while cutting and results in clean, perfectly sealed edges.

Haptic effects thanks to laser engraving

Laser engraving creates a tangible tactile effect. In this way, end products can be given a special finish.

Fast perforation even for stretch fabrics

Process of creating a pattern of holes through fabrics and textiles with high precision and fast speed.

Laser cutting of extremely precision and repeatability accuracy

Flexible - capable of cutting incredibly complicated shapes

Single-layer fabrics can be cut faster - More productively with a laser than with a knife

Non-contact processing - No material fixation required

No tool wear - No loss of quality; no costs for new tools

Simple production via a PC design program

What are the additional benefits
of Goldenlaser CO₂ laser machines for the processing of clothing industry?

Unique choice of different working areas - bed sizes can be customized as per demand

Roll feeder with conveyor system for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll

Optimized material utilization thanks to the nesting function

Special working tables available for different materials

Laser cutting, engraving and perforating in a single operation

Large format roll to roll engraving over the entire working area

Application of sewing markings by the inkjet printer module

Camera registration system for laser cutting of printed or embroidered materials or labels


What are CO₂ laser machines used for in the clothing industry?

Laser is ideally suited to small production lines as well as industrial manufacture for clothing. Unusual designs and complex patterns can be perfectly applied with the laser.

Typical applications are fast fashion, haute couture, tailor made suits and shirts, printed apparel, sportswear, leather and sports shoes, safety vests (bulletproof vests for military), labels, embroidered patches, tackle twill, logos, letters, and numbers.

At Goldenlaser, we are committed to helping you stand out quite easier and better, with our diverse laser systems.

We recommend the following laser machines for clothing industry:

Take advantage of Goldenlaser’s CO2 laser machines for textiles and leather, to become a leader in your market.

Cut the patterns from cloth on a roll - for apparel from a nested file.

This system combines galvanometer and X-Y gantry, sharing one laser tube.

Flying engraving tech, one time engraving area can reach 1.8m without splicing.

Cutting and perforation of reflective materials roll to roll with high speed.

It is the simplest and fastest cutting way for the dye sublimation prints.

Tackle twill, logos, letters, and numbers cutting in high precision.

Automatic recognition and cutting of woven or embroidered labels.

Automatic and continuous cutting of materials in rolls (the width within 200mm)

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