Laser cutting engraving of natural leather and synthetic leather

Goldenlaser develops a variety of CO2 laser machines specifically for leather processing. With the CO2 laser machine, leather can be cut, engraved, marked and perforated very accurately and quickly in one work step, which can easily provide high-quality finish for leather.

Leather laser processing is widely used in many fields: from footwear, fashion, decoration, to furnishing and automotive industry. Cutting out intricate shapes, perforating hundreds of micro-holes or etching the most complicated patterns is possible with Goldenlaser’s CO2 laser machine.

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can work on any type of leather. There is a list of common leather that would work well with laser technology:

Leather types suitable for laser engraving and cutting

Natural leather

Synthetic leather / Artificial leather / Rexine

PU leather

Suede leather

Napped leather


Typical applications for processing leather with our CO2 laser machines




Automotive interiors







What are the benefits of laser processing of leather?

Laser processing available on leather

Laser Cutting

Laser Engraving (Marking)

Laser Micro-Perforation

With laser technology, cutting, marking, engraving and perforating can be performed in a very fast and repeatable way, saving time and reducing costs. As a result, laser solutions have high productivity and flexibility.

The main advantages of using lasers in the leather sector are:

Laser processing is contact-free and produces consistent results without wear and tear. And no material deformation.

The laser beam melts the material and produces perfectly clean and sealed edges on the surface of the leather.

Edges cut with laser are always accurate and there is no need for additional finishing.

For complex geometries, laser cutting is faster and more precise than knife cutting.

Those marks that laser engraved on leather have some great qualities: they are permanent, sharp and very accurate. They are also immune to wearing, scratching or fading because of light or mechanical aggression.

We have developed specific laser machines for the leather sector. Choose the product that best fits your needs, and contact us for advice.

Independent Two Heads Laser Cutting Machine for Leather

Two laser heads that work independently can cut different graphics simultaneously.

Intelligent Nesting & Laser Cutting System with Scanner and Projector

Scanning, automatic / manual nesting, followed by cutting and collecting are performed at once, on the cutter.