Compact Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

A compact fibre laser cutting machine with a small footprint

The GF1510 CNC compact fibre laser cutting machine is available with a bed size of 1M x 1.5M with power sources ranging from 700W through to 1500W.

The GF1510 is supplied with a manually operated transfer table. This is simply moved in and out of the cutting enclosure allowing the operator to easily load and unload the material. This cost effective design therefore has the advantage of providing an in house, compact laser cutting facility at an affordable budget. The additional benefit is the limited space required resulting in the ideal solution for the smaller workshop.

CCTV with one camera is fitted as standard, as a result the operator can safely view the cutting action. Furthermore, class leading components have been carefully selected to ensure longevity and reduced downtime.

Key Specifications

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Laser Source

nLight / IPG Fibre

Laser Power

1.0 - 4.0kW

Bed Size



• High performance nLIGHT fibre laser technology

• Raytools high performance torch with crash protection system

• Rigid gantry system ensuring fast accurate positioning to X and Y axis

• Automatic height sensor to ensure optimum cutting efficiency

• Class leading brand components

– nLight laser source – US
– Raytools cutting head – Switzerland
– Cypcut CNC controller – China
– Cypdraw CAD/CAM software – China
– Schneider electrics – France
– Alpha Gear rack and pinion – Germany
– Hiwin linear guides – Taiwan
– Yaskawa servo motor and driver – Japan

fibre laser cutting machine

Optional Extras

Performance Pack :

Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC controller – Germany

 + SigmaNEST CAC/CAM software – US

 + Motor Power servo motor – Italy

Other Options :

 – Auto focus cutting head

 – Extraction system

cnc fibre laser

Quality Approved

We are committed to using quality components from leading manufacturers.

Technical Parameters

Model No. GF1510
Laser Source nLight / IPG / Raycus fiber laser resonator
Laser Power 0.7kW / 1.0kW / 1.5kW / 2.0kW / 2.5kW / 3kW / 4.0kW
Positioning Speed 70m/min
Axis Acceleration 1.0G
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.05mm (0.7~1.5kW), ± 0.03mm (2.5~4.0kW)
Repeat Position Accuracy ± 0.03mm (0.7~1.5kW), ± 0.02mm (2.5~4.0kW)
X Axis Travel 1050mm
Y Axis Travel 1550mm
Z Axis Travel 120mm
Maximum Sheet Size 1 x 1.5m
Length 3610mm
Width 3430mm
Height 2460mm
Weight 5000Kg


Maximum cutting thickness at different laser powers

fiber laser cutting capacities

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