P2060 / P2080 / P3060 / P3080

Fiber CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The P2060 / P3080 tube laser cutting machine produces high quality metal tube parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thanks to its fiber laser cutting technology, many processes can be combined into one system. Since most tube parts require multiple machining processes, such as conventional sawing, drilling, machining, punching and engraving, the P2060 / P3080 can perform all of these processes on one machine.

This laser tube cutting machine is equipped with a manual loader that presents the tube to the operator who must then place the tube into the machine and manually tighten the chuck. Combining all these processes into one machine saves time and cost when processing tubes in large batches yet the machines versatility allows the user to easily make prototypes or small batch production.

This machine is also equipped with a full enclosure to ensure the operator is safe while the machine is active.

Main Parts of Laser Tube Cutting Machine

tube laser

Advanced chuck clamping system

• Chuck center self-adjustment, automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the tube profile specifications and ensures no damage to thin pipe.

• Dual motive chucks are compatible with a variety of pipe without adjusting jaws.

• Long stroke clamp. No need to adjust the clamp when the pipe diameter changes within 100mm

Corner fast cutting system

Corner fast response, improves cutting efficiency greatly.

chuck clamping system
multi-axis linkage

Multi-axis linkage

Multi-axis (feeding axis, chuck rotation axis and the laser cutting head) linkage when the laser cutting head is moving.

Automatic collecting device

• The floating support device collects the finished pipes automatically.

• The floating support is controlled by the servo motor and it can adjust the support point according to the pipe diameter quickly.

• The floating panel support can hold the large diameter pipe tightly.

automatic collecting device
top material floating support

Automatic Floating Support

According to the change of the pipe attitude, the support height can be automatically adjusted in real time to ensure that the bottom of the pipe is always inseparable from the top of the support shaft, which plays the role of dynamically supporting the pipe.

Welding seam recognition

The welding seam position of the pipe can be identified to ensure that the cutting position avoids the welding seam during processing and avoid the problem of blasting holes at the welding seam.

“Zero” Wastage

When cutting to the last part of the tube, the front chuck jaws are automatically opened, and the rear chuck jaws pass through the front chuck to reduce the cutting blind area.

• Tube diameter less than 100 mm, wastage materials 50-80 mm

• Tube diameter more than 100 mm, wastage materials 180-200 mm


Optional - the third axis cleaning inner wall device

During the laser cutting process, the slag will inevitably adhere to a part of the inner wall of the opposite pipe. In particular, some pipes with smaller diameters will have more slag. For high demand applications, the third axis cleaning inner wall device can be added to prevent slag adhering to the inner wall.

the third axis cleaning inner wall device

German PA control software

  • • One page completes all operations more user-friendly!
  • • Quickly customize the interface, more convenient!
  • • Add an independent diagnosis interface to quickly troubleshoot on-site problems, more intelligent!

Lantek Flex3d supports a variety of pipe types

  • • Standard tube type: Round tube, square tube, OB-type tube, D-type tube, triangle tube, oval tube, etc. And special-shaped pipe of equal diameter.
  • • At the same time, flex3d has functional modules for profile cutting, which can cut angle steel, channel steel and H-shaped steel, etc.

Technical Specifications of the Laser Tube Cutting Machine


P2060 / P3080 / P30120

Tube length

6000mm / 8000mm / 12000mm

Tube diameter

20mm~200mm / 20mm~300mm

Laser source

IPG / nLight fiber laser resonator

Laser power

700W / 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 2500W / 3000W / 4000W / 6000W

Laser head

Raytools, Precitec ProCutter

Maximum rotate speed


Repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum positioning speed




Cutting speed

Depend on materials, laser source power

Electric power supply

AC380V 50/60Hz

Applications of the Tube Cutting Laser Machine

tube cutting

Applicable material

Specially for cutting metal tubes such as round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist tube, triangle pipe, channel steel, angle steel, U-bar, T-type, I-beam, lath steel, etc.

Applicable Industry

Furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, display rack, automobile industry, agriculture and forestry machinery, fire pipelines, steel frame structures, oil exploration, bridges, ships, structure components, etc.

Samples of Laser Cutting Tubes and Pipes

Product Application

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