Model No: JMCCJG-350400LD

Laser Cutting Machine for Filter Cloth

High Speed & High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
- Professional designed for filtration fabric industry

Fully enclosed structure

Gear & Rack Driven

Large-format working area

High-power CO2 metal RF lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

fully enclosed structure of co2 laser cutting machine

The large format CO2 laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed structure with a fully enclosed exhaust system to avoid secondary pollution of dust.

 User-friendly wireless handle for remote operation.

gear rack drive

 High-precision gear & rack drive. 600 watt ~ 800 watt high-power CO2 metal RF laser.

 The speed of laser head is up to 800mm/s, and the acceleration is up to 10000mm/s2, ensuring the high cutting efficiency and maintaining long-term stability.

full flying optical path

 In order to ensure the fast movement of the laser head, the full-flying optical path structure is adopted, and water cooling for the lens is simultaneously performed to avoid damage of the lens by the high-power laser.

Automated production process

We manufacture laser cutting machine with high standards, expand multi-functions, configure automated feeding and winding systems, and develop flexible software. All in order to provide customers with higher production efficiency, more optimized production process, and maximize the benefits.

automated production process of co2 laser cutting machine

Automatic feeding device

For flexible filter materials, the laser cutting machine uses special conveyor roller and specially designed X-axis synchronous feeding device to avoid the deviation of materials in the feeding process.

Equipped with receiving hopper to collect finished products.

automatic feeding device of co2 laser cutting machine
double layer feeder

Double layer feeder

Double layer feeding device is customized for customers with double layer fabric processing requirements.

More configuration options

marking device

According to customer requirements, a contactless ink-jet marking device and a mark pen device can be installed on the laser head to mark the filter material, which is convenient for later sewing.

environmental standard design

The laser cutting machine is a fully enclosed structure and the interior uses fully enclosed exhaust systems. We are able to design the overall exhaust pipes for the production workshop to meet the environmental standards.

Technical Specifications of the Cutting Laser Machine

Laser source CO2 RF laser
Laser power 150 watt / 300 watt / 600 watt / 800 watt
Cutting area (W×L) 2300mm×2300mm / 3000mm×3000mm (90.5” ×90.5” / 118”×118”)
Cutting table Vacuum conveyor working table
Cutting speed 0-1200mm/s
Acceleration 10000mm/s2
Repeating location ≤0.05mm
Motion system Offline mode servo motor motion system, High precision gear rack driving
Power supply AC220V±5% / 50Hz
Format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

Various working areas available:

2300mm×2300mm (90.5”×90.5”), 2500mm×3000mm(98.4”×118”), 3000mm×3000mm (118”×118”), 3500mm×4000mm (137.7” ×157.4”) Or other options.

working areas

The advantages of cutting filter cloth with laser

Clean and perfect cut edges - no secondary processing required

Automatic edge sealing due to laser thermal processing

Extremely high precision in the laser cutting process - consistently high cutting quality

Contactless laser cutting - no tool wear

Virtually no dust formation during the laser cutting process

High degree of flexibility - cutting any shapes and sizes, even making small holes, without any need for tool construction or changeover

Typical filter materials suitable for laser cutting

Filtration fabrics, filter cloth, glass fiber, non-woven fabric, paper, foam, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, PTFE, polyamide fabrics, synthetic polymer fabrics, nylon and other industrial fabrics.

filter materials laser cutting sample

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