Model No.: JYBJ-12090LD

Laser Inkjet Machine for Leather Footwear Pattern Seams Drawing

In the shoemaking industry, precise marking of cut pieces is an essential process. Traditional manual marking requires not only a lot of labor, but its quality also depends entirely on the proficiency of the worker.

JYBJ12090LD is an automatic device specializing in precise marking of cutting pieces. It can intelligently identify the type of cutting pieces, automatic accurate positioning, high-speed and high-precision inkjet marking, and streamlined processing processes. The machine is highly automated and intelligent, and easy to use.

Applicable for ink-jet marking of various shoe upper materials.


Manual or automatic feeding  High precision camera recognition  Start inkjet marking  Drying and cutting

Machine Features

Fully automatic assembly line operation, only material feeding is required. (Automatic feeding is optional)

High precision industrial camera, pneumatic pressure net. Suitable for PU, microfiber, genuine leather, textile and other materials.

Intelligent identification of cutting pieces. Different types of cutting pieces can be mixed feeding by software automatic recognition and accurate positioning.

High frequency and high speed inkjet head with slender spraying dots, suitable for all kinds of disappearing ink and fluorescent ink.

Imported servo motion module, fast speed, high precision and low failure rate.

Collecting platform comes standard with drying system.

Technical Parameters

Model No. JYBJ-12090LD
Maximum working speed 800mm/s
Acceleration 8000mm/s2
Repeating positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Positioning accuracy ≤0.1mm/m
Recognition accuracy ≤0.2mm
Working table Rubber belt driven work table
Working table height 750mm
Motion system Synchronous belt module drive
Control system Servo control system
Vision positioning 24 megapixel industrial camera
Noise ≤65Dd
Power supply AC220V±5%  50Hz
Total power 2KW
Software Golden Laser Vision Positioning Software
Supported graphic formats AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

Product Application

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