Model No.: ZJJG(3D)-170200LD

Galvo & Gantry Laser Perforation and Cutter for Jerseys Fabric

There are two different ways to make sportswear with breathability. One typical method is to use a sportswear fabric that already has breathable holes. These holes are made during knitting, which we call "mesh fabrics". The main component of the fabric is cotton, which contains a low-component polyester, which is not very effective in breathability and moisture wicking.

Another typical fabric that widely used is dry fit mesh fabrics. This is normally for standard level sportswear application.

However, for the high-end sportswear, the materials are usually high polyester, spandex with high tension, high elasticity. These functional fabrics are very expensive and are widely used in athletes' jerseys, fashion designs, and high value-added clothing.

The breathable holes of the jerseys are generally designed in some specific positions, such as underarms, back, and shorts. Special fashion designs of breathing holes are also widely used for activewear.

For this industry, Goldenlaser developed a high-speed perforating and cutting laser machine for sportswear fabrics.

Machine Features

galvo and gantry

Process: Cutting, Engraving, Marking, Perforation, Scoring, Kiss Cutting

This laser machine combines galvanometer and X-Y gantry, sharing one laser tube. The galvanometer offers high speed engraving, perforating and marking, while X-Y Gantry allows laser cutting patterns after Galvo laser processing.

Conveyor vacuum working table is suitable for the materials both in roll and in sheet. For roll materials, an auto feeder can be equipped for automatic continuous machining.

High speed double gear and rack driving system

High speed galvanometer laser perforation and Gantry X-Y axis large-format laser cutting without splicing

Slim laser beam size up to 0.2mm-0.3mm

Suitable for all kinds of sportswear fabrics with tension and stretching

Capable of process any complicated design

Technical specifications of the laser cutting machine

Working Area 1700mm × 2000mm / 66.9" × 78.7"
Working Table Conveyor working table
Laser Power 150W / 300W
Laser Tube CO2 RF metal laser tube
Cutting System X-Y Gantry cutting
Perforation / Marking System Galvo system
X-Axis Drive System Gear and rack drive system
Y-Axis Drive System Gear and rack drive system
Cooling System Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust System 3KW exhaust fan × 2, 550W exhaust fan × 1
Power Supply Depends on laser power
Power Consumption Depends on laser power
Electrical Standard CE / FDA / CSA
Software GOLDEN LASER Galvo software
Space Occupation 3993mm(L) × 3550mm(W) × 1600mm(H) / 13.1’ × 11.6’ × 5.2’
Other Options Auto feeder, red dot positioning


Jersey perforating, cutting, kiss cutting

Activewear perforating

Jacket perforating

Sportswear fabrics etching

170200 sample

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