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पाना मोड्युलको साथ लेजर डाइ काट्ने मेसिन

लेजर डाइ काट्ने मेसिन

Digital laser cutting and converting machine for roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, roll-to-parts and sheet-fed applications.
flatbed laser cutting machine

Large Format Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

Industrial-grade large-format CO2 laser cutting machine with high power, high speed, high precision, and automation.
sublimation laser cutting machine

Vision Laser Cutter for Sublimation Fabric

Laser cutter with advanced vision camera systems for contour cutting and positioning perforation of digitally printed fabrics.
Galvo laser engraving cutting machine

लेजर ईन्ग्रेभिंग मेशीन

Using a 3-axis dynamic galvanometer control system, it is capable of generating extremely small and complex designs with fast speed and pinpoint accuracy.
small format laser cutting machine

लेजर काट्ने प्लटर

Affordable, general purpose CO2 lasers, working areas up to 1600mmx1000mm (63”x39.3”), 1800mmx1000mm (70.8”x39.3”).
laser cutting machine for warp knitted lace

Custom-built Specialty Machine

Design and build custom equipment particularly for your unique testing, production needs or specific applications.

फाइबर लेजर मेशिन

In धातु सेक्टर
ट्यूब लेजर काट्ने मेसिन

ट्यूब लेजर काट्ने मेसिन

2D and 3D laser cutting systems for tubes and profiles, from 10 mm to 350 mm (.4” to 14″) in diameter and up to 12 m (39′) in length.
metal sheet laser cutting machine

Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Fast, flexible, and precise fiber laser cutting machines. Whether cutting intricate designs, producing high-quality metal parts...
robotic laser cutting machine

रोबोटिक लेजर काट्ने मेसिन

6-axis robot breaks the limitation of laser cutting angle. 3D robot laser cutting can realize dynamic 2D and 3D cutting.

धातु उद्योग

The Right Solutions for Metal Cutting Application

Our experience will drive your success. We specialize in metal laser cutting and welding solutions for various applications.
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हाम्रो बारेमा

Golden Laser is committed to providing intelligent, digital and automated laser application solutions.

From first consulting to application tests with your designed materials in specific industry to training for users and worldwide service - Golden Laser offers comprehensive laser solutions, not only a single machine!

आवेदन परीक्षण

Client materials are sent through our applications development lab for analysis. This is where we determine the optimal laser, optics, and motion control components before delivering a formal quote and system design.

प्रणाली डिजाइन

If one of our standard solutions does not work, our engineers will design a system to meet the requirements from step one. From basic laser systems to fully automated solutions, our engineers are a part of your team.

अन्तिममा निर्मित

During final assembly, we thoroughly test the machine to ensure all systems are working to spec while openly communicating with the client to fime tune their process. We provide progress demo videos, full training, and virtual / in-person factory acceptance testing.

हाम्रो प्रक्रिया

Laser Machine Building Process

Our comprehensive range of solutions covers a wide array of laser machines, from basic models to fully automated laser processing systems. Every machine we build is designed and expertly supported by our team of skilled engineers.

Whether your needs involve laser cutting, engraving, perforating or welding systems, our focus is on providing innovative industrial laser solutions that enable manufacturers to achieve optimal operations.

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