Laser Tube Cutting Machine | Fiber Laser Cutting Pipe and Profile

Golden Laser's P series laser tube cutting machines are designed to cut tubes of various shapes, including round, square, rectangular, oval, as well as profiles with diverse open cross-sections (E.g. I-beam, H, L, T, and U cross-sections). The tube laser solutions aim to increase the productivity, flexibility and cutting quality of tubes and profiles finishing with more precise fiber laser cutting.

Thanks to the CNC control system, requests for alterations can be flowed immediately into the ongoing manufacturing process. From small batches to mass production, tube laser cutting is more economical and flexible than any traditional punching tool.

The applications of laser processed pipes and profiles are diverse, from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, architecture construction, furniture design to petrochemical industry, etc. Laser cutting of tubes and profiles provides a wider manufacturing range for metal parts and offers flexible and unique design possibilities.

Automatic Tube Laser

Fully automatic CNC fiber laser tube cutting machine utilizes automatic loader and unloader to make the machine run continuously without manual intervention.

Semi-Automatic Tube Laser

Full CNC laser tube cutting machine with a semi-automatic loader in which the loader presents the tube into the work area of the machine then the operator must load the tube into the chuck and tighten it.

Heavy Duty Tube Laser

Customized ultra-long tube CNC laser cutting machine

Load-bearing 400 kg, tube diameter: 30-300mm, tube length: 12m