Model No.: ZJ(3D)-15050LD

Sandpaper Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine

Conventional sandpaper processing is complicated, time consuming and quite damageable to punching press cutter. Laser processing can effectively avoid these problems. Laser processing delivers high quality finished products with smooth cutting edges. A variety of shapes, sizes and even small holes can be laser cut at one time.

The sandpaper laser perforating and cutting machine adopts a unique 3D dynamic control system of galvanometer array. The multiple galvanometer scanners work at the same time to maximize the utilization of materials.

Key advantages of the cutting laser machine

Multiple galvanometer scanners simultaneous on-the-fly processing

Fully automated. No manual intervention required

Quick changeover of the cutting patterns

Optional auxiliary device for automatic feeding and winding

Technical specifications of the laser machine




Laser source

CO2 RF metal laser

Laser power

150 watt / 300 watt / 600 watt

Working table

Conveyor type

Table size



Processing area



Power supply

220V / 380V, 50/60Hz

Applicable materials and industry

Material: Sandpaper

Industry: skateboard non-slip sanding grip tape, Automotive, advertising, metal, constructions, accessories

laser cutting sandpaper

Watch laser cutting sandpaper in action!

Product Application

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