MJG-160100LD / MJGHY-160100LD II

Single Head / Double Head Laser Cutting Machine with Conveyor System

 Automatic and continuous processing

 Unique overlength nesting function

Vacuum conveyor system, feeding accuracy is up to 1mm

Multiple types of conveyor belts are available: stainless steel mesh belts, flat flex belts and iron wire mesh belts

laser cutter

Technical specifications of the CO2 laser cutting machine

Model No.



Laser head

Single head

Double head

Laser type CO2 DC glass laser
Laser power 80 watt ~ 150 watt
Working area 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)
Working accuracy ±0.1mm
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Motion system Step motor
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Supported graphics formats PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, DST, etc.
Power supply AC220V±5%  50 / 60Hz

Other table sizes are available. E.g. Models JG-14090LD (single head) and MJGHY-14090LD II (double head), working area is 1400mm × 900mm (55” × 35.4”)


Extended table

 Automatic feeder

 CCD camera


 Red dot positioning

 CO2 RF metal laser

Application industries & materials of the CO2 laser cutter machine

Garment Industry

Garment accessories cutting (woven labels, appliqué embroidery, etc.), collar and sleeves cutting, clothing decoration accessories cutting, garment sample making.

Shoe industry

Suitable for 2D, 3D shoe upper, warp knitted mesh upper, 4D printed shoe upper.

Applicable materials: leather, composite materials, fabrics, microfiber, etc.

Bags industry

It can be used for engraving, cutting and punching on synthetic leather and artificial leather.

Automotive interior industry

Suitable for car seat covers, car seat cushions, car sunshade, tail box mats, anti-side kick mats, large surrounded mats, steering wheel covers, explosion-proof membranes, etc.

Applicable materials: PU, microfiber, air mesh, sponge leather, sponge+cloth+leather composite leather, wool, cloth, PVC, cardboard, kraft paper, etc.

Product Application

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