MJG-160100 / MJGHY-160100 II

Single Head / Two Heads Laser Cutter for Cloth and Leather

 Equipped with honeycomb working table, this laser machine is suitable for cutting various flexible materials within 1800mm in width.

 The core components are independently developed, with high cutting efficiency and good quality.

  Smart nesting software is optional, fast processing and material saving

 Equipped with different configurations, such as single cutting head or double cutting head, so that the processing speed is faster and the material utilization rate is higher.

Technical specifications of the CO2 laser cutter

Model No.


MJGHY-160100 II

Laser head

Single head

Double head

Laser type

CO2 DC glass laser

Laser power

80 watt ~ 150 watt

Working area

1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)

Working table

Honeycomb working table

Working accuracy


Motion system

Step motor

Cooling system

Constant temperature water chiller

Supported graphics formats


Power supply

AC220V±5%  50 / 60Hz

Other table sizes are available. 

JG-10060 (single head), working area is 1000mm × 600mm (39.3” × 23.6”)

MJG-14090 (single head) and MJGHY-14090LD II (double head), working area is 1400mm × 900mm (55” × 35.4”)


Camera automatic recognition system

Red dot positioning system

Inkjet device

Applications of the CO2 laser cutter

Applicable materials: fabric, leather, paper, EVA foam, wood and more nonmetal materials.

Applicable but not limited to clothing, labels, clothing accessories, shoes, bags, soft toys, carpets, mats, automotive interiors, cleaning supplies, printing and packaging industries.

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